Monday, 4 October 2010

Two Portuguese Miniature Maltese Poodles and a South African Sausage Dog

Suki here - I had a lovely afternoon out on Saturday. I went to a party!

SJ and TJ took me to a childrens party. It was great. TJ works with a lady called Isa and she has twin daughters. They were 8 years old last week and they had shindig to celebrate. TJ and SJ were invited and took me along. Jack, Rosie and Abi stayed at home with EK and GJM.

When we got there I was convinced we had gone to the wrong place. I thought we had arrived at a circus! There were clowns everywhere! There was a clown entertaining the children, the children were dressed up as clowns and so were some of the adults! It was great fun!

The clown entertainer did magic. He made rabbits appear and disappear! TJ had to take me for a walk before the novelty wore off and my natural instincts took over..... ;o)

And then I met some dogs! They were very small...... and they talked different languages!

I think they told me their names but to be honest, I had know idea what they were on about!

There was a sausage dog from South Africa. He is 14 years old and a bit deaf - so he kept shouting at me - No idea what he was yelling about. Occasionally, he decided he should show me his teeth, and then grunt in a rather odd fashion. I said that his teeth needed a brush, he just grunted.

His legs are so tiny, I think he suffers from being vertically challenged.....

And then, I got really confused. I met two Miniature Maltese Poodles from Portugal. How can you be Maltese and from Portugal? I asked them if they were sure they weren't Miniature Portuguese Poodles from Malta. They had no idea what I was asking them - they're Portuguese!

On went the party - the kids had a great time. The sausage dog waddled about, shouting at everyone and showing off his manky teeth, the Maltese Portuguese Poodle Miniatures hoovered up the food that the kids had dropped and the clown man made animals out of balloons.

Before I knew it, it was time to go. I slept all they way home.

It was nice to meet some dogs from overseas. Even if I couldn't understand a single word.

Suki. X

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