Sunday, 12 December 2010

Pie Hole

Greetings - Abi here.

I felt I had to blog because in Rosie's last scripture I felt my intelligence was somewhat discredited. And I need to put that right. You may recall that Rosie 'joked' about 'supermarket' black holes. Of course I know that they are 'supermassive'. And for your information, Rosie wouldn't know the difference between a worm hole and her pie hole. Or the difference between a supernova and a Vauxhall Nova. Or the difference between Pluto the planet (actually it's not a planet, it's a big ball of ice) and Mickey Mouse's dog. So there.

I am indeed thinking about the philosophy of physics. Unusual for a greyhound I know. It is a fascinating subject - matter and anti matter - why? Why indeed. Dark matter - who? And particle physics - what and how? Who cares? We all should. At least I think we should. Or do I?

I have also been thinking about the arts as well as science. I needed to broaden my thinking. I have been studying the history of art and what makes up art. Fascinating stuff - when I have drawn some conclusions I'll let you know.

Furthermore, I have been looking at two-legger sport and what it is that makes hoomans so competitive. And what part reward has to do with it. TJ watches sport on the television. He will watch anything - Football, cricket, golf, rugby and even darts and snooker. SJ thinks he is odd. Us dogs know he is odd. He says that it satisfies his competitive edge. We say he is a dullard.

I have determined that it comes down to survival. To survive you have to compete, and survival is the reward. And as the two-legged race has developed to the point where survival is 'given', at least in the western world, the 'competing' has turned in to sport. To some extent, sport satisfies the survival instinct. Blimey I'm good!

I discussed this with Maisie. She is a survivor as you know. She says that I am right. She said that she has spent most of her life competing in order to survive. She says that only now does she wake up and realise that she does not have to compete, or even fight, to survive.

Before I go, I thought I would share my favourite quote from Groucho Marx (discovered during my research in to the history or art - the art of comedy):

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."

Abi. X

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