Sunday, 16 October 2011

It's back!

After much nagging and gnashing of teeth, the two-legger TJ has finally handed over the laptop to us mutts so that we can start blogging again. He admits that he spends far too much time on that bloody bookface thing, so the break from 'likes' and moaning about why he can't 'embed links in a status update' will do him good.

Suki here - the pretty one. Jack was going to blog first but he is feeling a bit sorry for himself. He split a pad on his right front paw this morning and reckons typing is far too painful. I told him he was a wuss, whilst at the same time ensuring I was a decent distance away from any act of retribution.

Going back to his royal numptiness that is TJ, he has developed a rare new ability. Well I say ability, it's more of a lack of ability and more like a new level of stupidness. He has developed the unique skill of being completely rubbish at shopping. A couple of weeks ago, he went shopping for the 'bits' for a roast chicken - and came back with all the trimmings - and no chicken. Then a few days ago he went out to get the 'bits' for a chili con carne and came back without the kidney beans. And the best yet was when he went out for some milk and came back with a 40" telly! - and no milk.....

'And where's the milk?' asked a slightly exasperated SJ.

'Er.....' said TJ - and picked up his car keys.

Today, me and Jack went on a walk with 39 other dogs and their owners up on the forest. Rosie and Abi decided that 4 miles was going to be too far and went to SJ's parents and put their feet up.

It was an experience I won't forget in a hurry! First up we came across a sow and her piglets. She was not overly happy to see us and made sure we kept our distance. Then it was on to the heathland where much fun was had by all. As it was a warm Autumn day, some of the contingent decided to cool off in the boggy hollows - no doubt their two-leggers were so pleased to see them come out covered in smelly black bog water.....

Jack spent most of the walk plodding along at the back, he likes it that way. He told me afterwards that he spent most of the time chuckling at the sight of the more adventurous four-leggers who had taken up the new sports of Dog Bog-Snorkelling, Dung Rolling and Crap Snacking. Tee hee.....


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