Monday, 31 May 2010

Spring bank holiday BBQ

Suki here again - the others have let me blog cos I am the newbie.

We went over to a place called Manor farm today for a BBQ. Gilly and Jim (two-leggers) were there with Roxy, Daisy, Bodhi, Darcy, Mr Twist and my best friend Sammy. Karla and Mark (two-leggers) were there with Vinnie, Dylan, Dexter, Shylo and their newest foster - Reggie.

Reggie was rescued only yesterday by Karla and Mark (aren't they wonderful?). Reggie is a lovely, friendly, affectionate (small) lurcher - all the boys were jealous though - he has a truely MASSIVE pair of knackers - we girls were well impressed, especially when he let us sniff them. (Even TJ was impressed. He talked about them all the way home..... SJ couldn't wait to get out of the car.)

I heard Sammy telling Reggie that he too was safe now and that he would be happy for the rest of his life. Sammy is a wise dog - Reggie listened.....

So there was 15 dogs and 6 two-leggers. We had a hoot. We were let off lead in the dog inclosure - great fun. Dex and Bodhi are sooooo fast. And Darcy had a good run too. Reggie just kept running around showing his bollocks off. TJ said to Mark that if his own plums were so impressive then he too would run around in a field showing them off. Mark went off to speak to Jim at this point.....

Sammy and me had a play too. It was just great.

All too soon it was time to go home :o(

When we got back - TJ went to pick EK and GJM up - they are staying for the week. They were pleased to see us. We all had a play in the garden. And then a good sleep.

I love my new life. The SLR people deserve medals.....

TJ, however, deserves a slap round the head according to SJ.

Suki. X

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  1. Reggie here.... my new foster mummy said I had to come on and see what everyone was saying about my impressive plums ;o) She says I should enjoy them while they last, not sure what that's all about!!

    Anyway, big kisses to you Suki - you is one sexy girlie.