Saturday, 25 September 2010

The day Keef and Brendah came to visit

Hello, Hello! Rosie here. So sorry that we have taken so long to blog again. But the numpty TJ has been moaning on about being busy at work for months on end and won't let us use his puter. We don't understand why we can't use SJ's. She says that her puter is 'special' and us mutts are not allowed to use it in case we bite the mouse! As if! ;o)

Anyhoo, I'd like to tell you about a very special visit we had on Wednesday. Finn, Guinness and Poppy came to see us with their two-leggers Keef and Brendah. They are all lurvely!!

They are from Essicks apparently. And they all talk funny. Proper funny. We couldn't understaaand a word they was on abaaat. They said that we sounded funny!! Cheek, we talk proper make no mistake.

Keef is a right larf. We sniggled every time he opened his marf. Tee hee. He loves his dogs, it was obvious. So does Brendah. Abi made a bee-line for her and had larvaley cuddulls.

SJ met this lot through the wonderful charity Southern Lurcher Rescue. They were down in the New Forest on holiday and popped in to see us. We would have gone on a walk with them but Suki was spayed on Tuesday and can only do very short walks at the moment.

Finn, Guinness and Poppy are so, so nice. Finn is a longdog and Guinness and Poppy are retired greyhounds, When TJ got in from work he went on SJ's puter and found Guinness on the greyhound database. His racing name is JimmyTheRinse. For some reason he never had a race. Lucky Guinness I say. Abi told him about all the racing she did, all over the country, two races a week, week after week for three years..... Poppy nodded, Jack sighed.

I raced too, but Guinness had heard enough.....

Finn is a handsome fellah. If I hadn't been spayed and he wasn't lacking his man spheres, I reckon we could have been good for each other. Ah well.

Keef reckons that Jack is a widedog, and not a longdog. Me and Abi reckon Keef is right. But we daren't tell Jack! He's bigger than us.

Keef and Brendah are wonderful two-leggers, they love us sighthounds. Finn, Guinness and Poppy are lucky pooches. We can't wait til we meet them all again.

Rosie. X

ps. Finn is short for Finnegan. Which is nice.

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