Sunday, 10 October 2010

Gilly, Karla, Kate, Romi and Rachel - the girls done good!

Abi here - the gorgeous one.

We had our breakfast before our morning walk today, so we knew something was up. That only happens when something is up. And then TJ took Rosie over to EB and DJ's. So up something definitely was. Rosie has a bad leg at the moment after tripping on the garden steps. So, if she was being carted off to Oscar's it could only mean one thing - a nice long walk.

I was right, it was a Greyhounds In Need (GIN) walk in the New Forest. It was brill, there were loads of dogs - and we had some newcomers today! I particularly liked Ace - a very handsome greyhound - who has just finished racing. And Buzz the lurcher was scrummy too.

The weather was superb. It was hot, so the water stops were very popular. Jack loves the water and was splashing about like a complete loon, I told him it was like a having French Mastiff on the walk - everyone was soaked. Suki had great fun chasing all the lurchers through the reeds.

I was happy to watch it all unfold in front of me. After all, I'm getting on a bit now - I was eight years young last Thursday. I love watching the nippers having fun.

The end of the walk came all too soon, but it was nice to climb in to the nice comfy car for a rest. Jack must have drunk too much water in the last pond cos he just kept belching very loudly from the back seat of the car. 'Pardonne Moi' he kept saying, pretending to be French, 'Quel horreur' he added.

'Tais-toi Jack' I replied, (Be quiet Jack). 'Tu est un bouffon'. (You are a buffoon). He forgets that I'm fluent in seven languages.....

Instead of going home, we went to a pub in Romsey for lunch. Caspar (a scruffy) came too. And then Vinnie, Dylan and Shylo turned up with Mark, and Freddie and foster girl Suzie with Jim. The pub was a 'rendezvous' point.

It turns out that SJ and TJ's friends Gilly, Karla, Kate, Romi and Rachel were doing an 8 mile sponsored walk to raise money for Southern Lurcher Rescue (SLR). They were walking the Test Way. I wonder why they had to do a test as well? Seems a bit harsh.....

Lenny, Dexter, Reggie, Millie and Ginny did the walk to. And can you believe that they have managed to raise over £1200. Jack and Suki are both SLR dogs - they were well impressed.

'Increable! Bravo! Magnifique!' bellowed Jack when they all turned up at the pub. I looked at Suki and we both just sighed. TJ's idiotness is starting to rub off on Jack.

The two-leggers had some scram and the we headed off home, picking Rosie up on the way. She had a top time messing about with Oscar and being spoilt by EB and DJ.

What a greyt day.

Abi. X.

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