Sunday, 25 July 2010

Seventeen dogs.....

Jack the Longdog here. TJ is on holiday again so we get to have a go on the laptop..... woohoo!

We went for a walk today at Manor Farm. Here is the roll call: Bonkers Bodhi, Dylan, Dexter, Vinnie the Man, Roxy, Rosie, Abi, Me (Jack), Daisy, Darcy, Shylo, Suki, Lenny, Gorgeous Ollie, Sammy the Wise and last but by no means least Reggie and Ronnie Kray.

Reggie was being fostered by Mark and Karla but he weedled his way in their hearts and they have adopted him. TJ said that he looks 'as happy as teenage boy in a bucket of tits'!

Ronnie is Mark and Karla's latest foster. He is a street dog and has struggled to get used to living in a home. But he is getting there and he will settle in soon. It's been 4 days since he last had a pee in Mark's boots! He's a bit of a wise crack, always telling jokes - the two leggers don't get them of course, but he had us mutts in stitches. I was amazed he was so chirpy considering he's just had his nuts nipped. If you are interested in adopting Ronnie then please contact Southern Lurcher Rescue (Google it for the website).

Lenny is also a new addition. Gilly and Jim took him in as a foster and then adopted him. He's proper Irish - couldn't understand a word he said. He kept going on about 'Guiness', what ever that is, and muttered somthing about 'hurling'. Hope he's not been throwing up.....

We had a good belt around the dog field (except Suki - she laid down and sunbathed) and then it was off to the pub so the two-leggers could eat and drink. Twas very hot in the garden. The two-leggers kept us cool with wet towels and water.

Then we went back to Manor Farm for a walk through the woods down to the river. It was bliss. Daisy and Roxie had a blast - what a pair of loons - proper small dog syndrome. Lenny, Dex and Reggie kept us all entertained, along with some perfectly timed one-liners from Ronnie. Suki laid down.

When we got to the river we all piled in - great fun - and ran up and down the shore line chasing nothing in particular. Suki laid down.

On the way back, Reggie went awol a couple of times - chasing the ladies, sorry, squirrells. Ahem. Suki laid down.

We're all cream crackered now - and I'm looking forward to cooked white fish in my dinner. Yum.

Jack the Longdog. X

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