Sunday, 7 February 2010

I'm so tired.....

Hello, Jack the Lad here.....

I'm knacky knack knackered. Today was nuts. I ache all over.

We went for an SLR walk. There was 13 lurchers, 3 greyhounds, 2 whippets, 2 deerhound thingies and bonkers Bodhi. You can just imagine what it was like.....

To start, we were all let off in the enclosed field. Joyfull madness - I loved it. Abi was on top form - she is so fast. Rosie spotted a deer on the other side of the fence. Bedlam. I'm so, so tired - I can barely type.

Then we went off on a walk. We stopped for a rest at a cafe. Slim sang us a song! Nutter. I need sleep.....

Off we went again. It was chaos. There were lurchers everywhere - we ran rings round the two-leggers.....

Sorry, just nodded off.....

Then we..... sorry I can't remember - so tired..... oh yes..... ate home made biscuits..... yum.

Abi is snoring, Rosie hasn't moved for five hours.

Sleep now.

Jack. X


  1. Bodhi here, I know what you mean about being tired.... I ran and ran today to the point I couldn't run no more and my Daddy had to lift me in to the car.

    I then had to have a bath, which I have no idea why as the mud would of dried and come off on the sofa any way.

    Now going back to the fire for another SLEEEEEEP.

    Bodhi x

  2. What a fun day we all had.

    Dad said me, Vinnie & Dexter were all fast asleep in the car before we got out of the car park we were that tired....zzzzzzz.....

    Got home & crashed on the beds but mum just wouldn't let us sleep until we'd been cleaned off so stuck us all in the shower!!!! Don't want to do that too often, clean water is just not as fun as stagnant stuff.

    Night night Jack the lad

    Dylan xxx

  3. Oi Jack, Ollie here. Any chance you can pass on a message to the very pretty Abi for me?

    Can you let her know that it was lovely seeing her again today and having a little hunt! I don't have many friends who just like to nose down track and maybe the two leggers will let us have a bunny next time!

    Night night my black princess. Love Ollie x x

  4. Hi Jack,
    Thanks for letting me and my pack join you all today. Haven't had so much fun in ages. We were all so tired and dirty when we got home. Still, I managed to wipe all the mud off on my human's bed so that was ok.
    Hope to see you all again at Fritham.
    Nero the big black muddy greyhound, and Angus & Tyler the 2 deerhound thingies. x