Monday, 8 November 2010

Welsh Wales

Rosie here. We're on holiday! With 13 other dogs! In Wales.

TJ is letting me blog on his iThingy. Quite tricky, so I will keep it short for now and then blog proper when we get back.

Travelling Day - Saturday

Bacon baguettes, roof box with cable ties, dust brush on car roof for 30 miles, smoking engine on the M4, Burger King (yum), Darcy poorly :o( nice house with 4 acres to run around in :o) two poos in the lounge (tee hee), Mark finds the gay bar, England lose the rugby, Karla makes yummy scrummy food, TJ hammered - tosser.

Day 1 - Sunday

Shylo up at 5:30, Jim chases Daisy round the house, back to bed, Gilly cooked breakfast, Bodhi poorly :o( Mark & Jim go fishing and catch a sea bass, Tesco, Dylan injured :o( stitched at the vet. TJ cooks stew - everyone gets wind. Rain.

Day 2 - Monday so far

Rain, off lead in the big field, rain, Gilly's knickers, rain. Lenny chucks up in TJ's shoes.

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