Sunday, 13 September 2009

At last.....

.....we can have our say.

TJ (one of the two-leggers that we live with - the other one is SJ, who is the nicest) has finally got to grips with the interweb and created a blogging site for us.

Check in every day to find out more about us. We are Rosie (a fawn) and Abi (not a fawn). We are retired racing greyhounds who have found our forever home with SJ (the nicest) and TJ.

We have just had our tea and are feeling a bit sleepy now so it's time to retire to our sofas - talking of which, TJ and SJ have been to DFS today and bought us a new one that's big enough for all four of us. That's what they think.....

Speak tomorrow. Rosie and Abi x.

1 comment:

  1. Greyt to see you in the blogging world Abi and Rosie. We look forward to seeing what you gals are up to. :)
    Hugs and scritches,
    Kristin, Roxie and Xander