Tuesday, 15 September 2009

We're taking it in turns..... with Rosie today.

Because we both like sleeping so much, we have decided to take it in turns updating the blog. We hope that's ok?

We had a race to the top of the back garden and back to see who would go first. I won even though Abi is much faster than me (she was an open class racer!) but as usual, she forgot what she was doing half way up the garden and stopped for a pee (several actually). So I was first back on to the sofa. Abi came in 5 minutes later wondering what all the fuss was about - daft dog.

It was Monday yesterday so TJ did that thing where he leaves the house early(ish) and comes back in the evening after we have had our tea. I wonder where he goes? He does it most weekdays actually and sometimes weekends as well. It's a mystery - once, I heard him say that he does it to pay the bills or something.

SJ took us for our morning walk round the village and when we got back a parcel arrived for her - she was very excited. Lots of pictures - something to do with a craft fair - whatever that is.

In the afternoon we went to see Oscar the boxer who lives with SJ's Ma and Pa (two-leggers). Oscar had a massage yesterday cos he has bad hips so we weren't allowed to play with him much - but we had a little bit of fun when the two-leggers turned their backs. Then we went for a lead-walk down the lane.

Oscar goes swimming a couple of times a week to help build up the muscles around his hips. He told us that he is feeling much better and that his therapist says he will be as strong as on ox soon. None of us know what an Ox is.....

When we got back home I upset Abi (tee hee) when I pinched a toy from right under her nose! She dug up her bed in a huff and wouldn't talk to anyone. She soon forgot about it though, she forgets about most things.

To make up for my mischief I let her have my paddywack treat. Don't tell her, but I can't stand them anyway!

Oops - have to go - I can hear collars and leads been rattled - it's pee and poo time!

Rosie x.

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