Sunday, 17 January 2010

Happy! Happy! Happy!

I live here!

Jack the longdog reporting for duty. And the big news is that SJ and TJ have adopted me. So I have found my forever home and I am SOOOOO happy! And guess what? TJ let me off the lead today on the GIN walk - does it get any better? More of all that later.

I asked Rosie if she was pleased that I was staying. She said 'Whatever, just don't nick my chews.'

I posed the same question to Abi, and she said 'Remember, the corner of the corner sofa is mine.'

You have go to be happy with that eh? So as long as I don't take one of Rosie's chews in to the corner of the corner sofa I should be alright.

Actually I heard Rosie say to Abi that she was really pleased I was staying and that it's good to have a man about the house. Abi said 'What about TJ he is a 'real' man'. Rosie just about cried with laughter. 'Abi, you do say the funniest things' she said.

SJ and TJ even went out yesterday and bought me my own bed. Very comfy. And I have my own collar now. I feel very, very at home.

Anyhow, back to the GIN (Greyhounds In Need) walk. It was 10km of fun. Lot's of the Southern Lurcher Rescue (SLR) dogs came too. I am an SLR dog and very proud to boot. There were 22 greyhounds and lurchers, and 1 red setter. As I said, I was let off the lead for the first time with TJ and SJ, so I was on my best behaviour. I made a point of going back to TJ when I was called and sitting when asked to (for a treat). I had a ball, Rosie was off lead too so we had a good run together. I'll teach her to play fetch and tug-o-war one day. Abi has to stay on lead because she wanders off and doesn't come back. She's not bothered anyhow, as long as she gets the corner of the corner sofa.....

Before I sign off for today, I thought you ought to know that TJ is still a prize numpty. The other day he went round the house at least 5 times looking for his phone before he went off to where ever it is he goes during the day. He looked upstairs and downstairs, in this room and in that room. 'Darling' said SJ, 'What!?' said TJ.

'It's in your hand.' said SJ.

Jack. X

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