Saturday, 9 January 2010


Hello everyone - It's Jack here. Rosie and Abi have said that I can blog today! They said that they needed more rest. Abi said something about having 'writer's block' today and needing time and space for clear thinking. She is very clever you know, she tells us every day.....

I'm having a fantastic time with my foster family. SJ is the best - she is the best looker-afterer I have ever had. The food is to die for - some days we have tuna, some days we have sardines. And we got to eat some prawn tails today. TJ is a bit odd. Odd in a silly way, not odd in a worrying way I hasten to add. As you already know, he is always doing daft things. Yesterday he was wandering around the house with SJ's thermal long-johns on his head! He said his ears were cold and he needed to warm them up. Put a hat on weirdo!

He is really nice to us though and he even lets me sit on his lap when I need a cuddle. I must be over 30 kilos in weight so it must be a bit uncomfortable. But he doesn't mind.

It's still really, really cold and the snow that came on Wednesday is still here. I love it. I like to bury my frisbee in it and then dig it out - great fun! Rosie and Abi can take it or leave it. they reckon that it's a bit too cold. They do have thinner coats than me. I have got some Saluki fur which is a bit thicker and warmer.

EJK (TJ's daughter) came out in the garden to play today and she had a long white scarf on. I pulled it off! Tee hee - she wasn't expecting that! We had a great time with the frisbee.

It's forecast to snow tomorrow so I'm looking forward to more fun and frolics in the garden. But right now it's time for tee. Yummy.

Jack. X.

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