Saturday, 13 February 2010

So cold.

Hello you lot - Rosie here.

It's freezing outside! And the two leggers keep making me go out in it! Twice a day!

Why can't they make us a dog toilet in the house? It can't be that difficult. After all cats have them. They could just put cat litter down in the shower tray as a temporary solution until they make something more permanent.

The cold weather plays havoc with my arthritis. Especially my front left leg. SJ gives me special tablets from the vet. They help a bit. TJ reckons cod liver oil is the answer, so I have that too. Can they really make oil from a sea water fish's internal organ? Amazing.

Jack doesn't seem to feel the cold. Once he gets outside he just goes in to lurcher hunting mode. He hates cats with a passion. He's already worked out where they all live in our village. They run a mile when they see him coming. Mind you, so would I if I was a cat. Which I'm not. What a horrible thought.

Abi, as you would expect, isn't bothered by the cold. She doesn't seem too be bothered about anything. She says she is more interested in the research work she is doing on her walks. Apparently she is researching leaf decomposition. This would explain why she stops to smell and pee on every pile of leaves we come across when we are out on walks. It drives TJ nuts - much to our amusement.

Abi is hoping her research work will prove that leaves decompose quicker with the addition of urine. She says it is an important study. I say she is away with the fairies.

Rosie. X

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