Saturday, 6 February 2010

What a week!

Abi here - the classically trained greyhound. You didn't know that I could play the piano did you?

It's been another busy week here in the New Forest.

As well as practicing my scales, we have been doing our best (well SJ has) to re-home Skinny. And it's great news.....

The lady who runs the kennels has found a home for her in Burley. Skinny is going to live in a big house with acres (whatever they are) and a whippet and a cat. Nice.....

And Gerry Gerbil has found a home too! Gerry is a 9 year old ex racer and is staying at the same kennels. SJ's friend Anna is going to re-home him. So he's off to live in Weymouth with Jodie greyhound who is 12 years young.

So that's two greys going to their forever homes in a week! Well done to the hoomans.

In other news.....

Jack is settling in nicely. He also likes to settle in puddles! He lays down in them. Yuck! Typical bloke dog. When he goes off lead in the forest, he runs around like a demented lurcher and overheats! So to cool down he lays down in puddles. Numpty.

Rosie bosses him around something terrible. She's always telling him off. It's like they're married or something. The other day, Jack went missing for ten minutes in Wilverley Inclosure. When he came back Rosie gave him a right rollicking! She wanted to know exactly what he'd been up to. He said he couldn't remember and laid down in soggy pile of wet leaves to cool off, with his back to Rosie - who was still barking at him.

Rosie's arthritis has been playing her up a bit. I do feel sorry for her. Bloody racing. Hopefully it will improve when the weather warms up a bit. SJ is great though - she gives Rosie lots of massages. Rosie feels loads better afterwards.

As for me, well I have been very busy. I have a piano recital coming up next month so I have been putting in loads of practice. I am a very accomplished musician. Grade 8 pianist, saxophonist and violinist I'll have you know. I can also play the kazoo. And the drums. I love a paradiddle.

I'm planning a mixture of pieces. Some classical, and some not so classical..... I'm thinking about Clocks by Coldplay as an encore. Something a bit different. What do you think?

And in other other news.....

We're off for a  walk with 15 lurchers tomorrow. Wish us luck. I think we are going to need it.....

Abi. X

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