Sunday, 21 February 2010


You can keep Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and Goodfellas. They have nothing on SLR lurchers.....

Abi here, and yes - we have been on another walk with Bonkers Bodhi (Mr Pink? only joking!). The SLR mobsters joined us on another Greyhounds In Need (GIN) walk in the New Forest. To say they came mob handed is an understatement. Here is the roll call:

The Brothers: Dylan Dillinger, Cousin Vinnie and Dangerous Dex.

The Gang: Ollie the Man, Slippery Sam, Bonkers Bodhi, Daisy Lady and Racy Roxie.

The Dorset County: Dirty Harry, Slim Lurcher, Tia la Maria and Hot Chloe.

Then there was Jack the Muzzle aka the Longdog, Indy 500, King Casper, Nero the Hero, Aberdeen Angus, Red, Zack, Rosie and Patch the Snatch.

The heist was on. 11am at Cadmans Pool.

We all knew what we had to do, King Casper would give the signal and then the job was on.

Trouble is though, nothing ever goes to plan if you're a lurcher. In fact when King Casper gave the signal the plan went out of the window and everything went to pot. It was chaos.

Dirty Harry and Slim Lurcher legged it, Patch the Snatch started herding, Cousin Vinnie scrapped with Dylan Dillenger, Jack the Muzzle had a poo and Indy 500 peed on my head!

The heist was off. No surprise really.

Then it rained and hailed, which was nice, and we all got wet - but we carried on. At one point, Dirty Harry and Slim Lurcher 'did one' and were out of sight for 15 minutes. When they came back they said that they had been 'to see a man about a dog' and that we shouldn't ask questions.....

The next two hours were lurcher mayhem - gangsters out of control - marvellous.

After the walk the two-leggers took us to a Speakeasy where we were fed and watered whilst keeping an eye out for the local law enforcers. We needn't have worried - the place was in the middle of nowhere.

Abi. X.

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  1. Daisy Lady aka Peggy Michelle here...

    It was good to go out on a job with my Boys today, and my little psycho sidekick Racy Roxy axa Roxy the Razor.

    Agreed, the job didn't go to plan as we were promised by the two leggers that there was at least one rabbit farm to blag.

    If they get it wrong again I will be doing my little nemisis speech and 'avin a word with my piggy mates, by all accounts I need six.

    Apart from that it was a good day out and if nothing else we did blag a bit of burger and chips of the guvnor (or she thinks she is).