Sunday, 7 March 2010


Since we got back (Abi here by the way), TJ has not stopped moaning about his bad back, his sore feet, his aching elbow and his twisted knee. He is such a wet haddock. He had it lucky! At least he didn't get given the run around by Bonkers Bodhi.....

Yes indeed, we have been out and about with the Southern Lurchers again - this time at Manor Farm. It was the usual crue but with two new additions - very exciting. The Brothers have a sister! Her name is Shylo and she is a blue greyhound (does that make sense?). She is lurvely. Very fast (although not as fast as me) and very friendly.

And there was a new pup on the scene - Ralphie. He is great. Dexter is particularly chuffed as Ralphie is even smaller than him. It was quite funny actually - Angus the giant deerhound thingy is probably 20 times the size of Ralphie. Yet they are both lurchers. Marvellous.

We had a good run around in the enclosed field. Don't tell anyone but me and Ollie nipped off in to the thicket for a quick kiss and cuddle when no one was looking! He is such a good looking boy, although he does have wandering paws!

Then off we went for a walk round the country park. We stopped at the cafe for a rest and then we carried on down to the river. We stopped a couple of times so the Brothers and Bodhi could have a run around. Bonkers was on top form and insisted on wrestling with all and sundry. Rosie Lurcher gave as good as she got, Jack had a good scrap, and Ralphie hid behind a tree. Rosie Greyhound just looked on in disgust.

After the walk the two-leggers took us to the pub where we laid down in the sun in the garden. The two-leggers fed us home made liver cake and biscuits which was nice, but they wouldn't let us drink their ales. Shylo did try - bless her.

Abi. X

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