Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Scottish Highlands - Day 1

We are on holiday!

Abi the clever greyhound here. Sorry for not blogging since March. TJ has been working far too hard meaning we haven't been able to get to the lap top. But now we are on hols, we get first dibs!

We set off at 10:30pm on Friday from the New Forest and arrived in the Highlands at 10:30am on Saturday morning. 12 hours in the car! Jack didn't go a bundle on it - he kept panting so we kept stopping so that he would calm down. We stopped 6 times including a long stop for breakfast. The two-leggers gave us sausages and bacon. Nice.

Each time we stopped for petrol, TJ had a good moan. As you know, he likes a good moan:

"£1.29 for a litre of bloody petrol, it's bloody scandalous!" he said. Followed by "How can the gits charge 10p more in one part of the country opposed to another. I'm going to write to my MP and ask if I can have some of his petrol."

SJ told him to get back in the car and leave the poor attendant to get on with his job.

TJ made a bad smell on the M74. He was overtaking some lorries when all of sudden there were flashing blue lights in his rear view mirror. He pulled over to let the police car passed. The cop car went ahead of us and then slowed down in front of us!!

"S**t, s**t, s**t." said TJ. "The bloody roof box must have come off!" - then came the smell.

Then the police car sped off really quickly after slowing us to about 20 miles an hour. Then after about a quarter of a mile the police car braked really hard and parked across all three lanes - next to a junction. He was closing the motoway as there was an accident further ahead.

"Bloody Hell" remarked TJ, "That was a palava, I think I've messed my pants".

He really is an idiot.

Eventually we arrived. Jack said straight away that it was worth the journey. The whiff of rabbits and squirrels was the most likely reason. In the afternoon we went for a walk down to Loch Morlich. TJ kept banging on about the loch actually being a 'kettle hole' and that it changes shape every year as the snow on the Cairngorms melts and the water runs in to the loch. We weren't interested and neither was SJ. "Yes dear" she said - a lot.

When we got back we had our dinner with sardines mixed in. TJ went to the bar for a pint - he can't stand the smell of oily tinned fish. I'm sure SJ did it on purpose just to get 5 minutes peace.

We saw our first rabbit on our late night walk with TJ. It got away.....

Then it was time for a sleep. We were all knackered. I slept well on the human bed. TJ didn't. He's moaning about that now. TJ - I'm a dog - I don't care.

Abi. X.

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