Sunday, 30 May 2010

Introducing me. My name is Suki.

Hello everyone - my name is Suki.

I have found my forever home with Rosie, Abi, Jack, hapless TJ and the lovely, lovely SJ.

I am a small white lurcher. I am about 3 years old. TJ will post a pic soon.

I was rescued from a shed by the fine people at Southern Lurcher Rescue. I'd rather not talk about my past if you don't mind. Suffice to say that my life to date has been a bit of a struggle.

A lovely lady called Jenny rescued me from the shed. I wasn't feeling very well. Sheds are cold and damp. I love Jenny.

Then a lovely man called Jim came and collected me and took me too his beautiful home. That's were I met the wonderful Gilly. Jim and Gilly have 6 dogs of their own. They all made me feel so welcome because they know what it's like to be a rescue dog. They are so happy. Daisy and Roxy are JRT's and they are so friendly. Bodhi is a lurcher and he is bonkers - he made me smile for the first time in months. Ollie (the twist) gave me the nod of approval. Darcy is a retired racing greyhound and tells a tale or too - what a hard life. And then there is Sammy.....

A nicer dog you could not wish to meet. Sammy's face says it all, he loves everything and everyone around him. He adores Gilly and Jim. Sammy looked me in the eyes and said that I was safe now. I felt so much better. Better than I have ever felt.

A few days later SJ and TJ came to see me with Rosie, Abi and Jack. Sammy said that I would love living with them and that I needn't worry as I could see Gilly and Jim whenever I want.

So I went home with SJ, TJ, Rosie, Abi and Jack.

I am so happy. Thankyou Jenny. Thankyou Gilly and Jim.

Suki. X

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