Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Scottish Highlands - Day 14 - Things come in 3's

Sorry for the gap in blogs - we couldn't get to a laptop. But we have now and we are all blogging!

The last day of the holidays was very eventful. First up, TJ broke his iThingy! He dropped it down by the recycling bins and the screen shattered. When he came back his bottom lip was trembling and his eyes were bloodshot.

"He's been crying like a baby" said Jack. "He needs to get a grip, the blouson".

TJ phoned up the insurers and they said he could have another phone on Monday. He stopped blubbering.

Then SJ joined in with the whining.....

"Ow, ow, ow!!" she bleated. Turns out she put Biofreeze under her arms instead of deoderant. Ha! Ha!

TJ had no sympathy. He was just staring at his broken gadget and whimpering.

SJ spent the rest of the day walking round with her arms in the air and complaining that her armpits were numb. "Wave your arms in the air like u just don't care." said Abi. We all sniggered.

We went for a walk at Loch Morlich and then back to the cottage. It was the last day of the holidays and we were driving back home overnight. So TJ had a sleep and SJ did some packing.

We drove back to the New Forest, stopping a few times for pees and a walk and arrived back home at 5am in the morning. Everyone was very tired.

Then the class prat TJ locked us out of the house. What a complete pillock that man is.

We were all getting out of the car, TJ and Jack went in to the house leaving SJ with me (Rosie) and Abi.

SJ tripped and fell over in the driveway and hurt herself quite badly. Abi ran off down the road. SJ called for TJ to help. He arrived (eventually) shutting the front door behind him. And left the door keys inside the house. For crying out loud.....

TJ gathered up Abi.

So there we were. It was 5am on a Saturday morning. Jack was in the house and the rest of us were not.

Fortunately SJ has the good sense to leave a spare set of keys with a neighbour, just in case things like this happen. She knows TJ so, so well.

Trouble was it was too early to disturb them. So we sat in the car for an hour waiting for them to get up. SJ fed treats to poor Jack through the letterbox. She didn't talk to TJ.

The neighbours got up just after 6:30am and TJ collected the spare set of keys. We all had a sleep.

Later that day EK and GJM turned up, and the next day..... along came Suki.


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