Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Scottish Highlands - Day 3 - 1223 feet

Jacky Boy here - my turn to blog.

The day started with me getting a walk on my own. TJ can't manage all 3 of us at once for the morning walk. Too many leads, pees and poos. He gets in a right tangle and usually ends up swearing.

It was quite nice to be by myself but it is funny when he walks us all together - we normally manage to trip him up at least twice.

After our mid morning nap, it was time to go out and about. The two-leggers took us on a trek up to a cairn in the Craigellachie Nature Reserve near Aviemore - a 1223 feet climb - TJ measured it on his iThingy. We loved it, and we also loved watching the hapless TJ stop every 20 yards to catch his breath. He was sweating profusely and his face went a lovely shade of crimson.

If I had a dog biscuit for every time he said "Are we nearly at the top yet?" I would be a fat bloater.

The views from the cairn were truely fantastic and SJ took some really ace pics on her camera. TJ took some too and managed to chop our legs off. He did take one good one of the the 3 of us with SJ though. All the others have been deleted.....

The walk back down was hilarious. TJ stopped for a rest more times than on the way up! He said his legs felt like jelly and that his feet must be on the wrong way round.

When we got back to the car TJ drove straight to the nearest pub. Typical.

He then proceeded to moan all the way back to the cottage. SJ told him to stop 'wittering on' and reminded him that it was his turn to cook the evening meal. TJ said that the mountain air had sapped him of so much strength that he didn't know if he was going to be able turn the knobs on the microwave.....

We had chicken in our dinner and then a good sleep. When TJ took us out for our night time ablutions he was still complaining about his bad back, sore feet, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, old maid's knee, dodgy hip, arthritic ankles and a nasty spot on his left buttock.

Jack. X.

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