Monday, 3 May 2010

The Scottish Highlands - Day 2 - Snow

Hello everyone, Rosie here.

It is so cold up here! Last week we were sunbathing in the garden and now we need our coats on to go out for a walk! And it snowed! Honest.

We got up a bit later than usual cos TJ needed a lie in after not sleeping well. Abi was on his bed all night and she made a point of taking up 99% of the available space.

We went for a nice walk before breakfast, at Ellan Wood in Carrbridge. Apart from it being about -5 degrees it was lovely.

Later in the morning TJ had the bright idea of driving up the Cairngorm to the base ski station to see how much snow was up there. As we drove up there it snowed - a lot. It's May for goodness sake! Anyhow, not only was there lots of snow up there but there were actually people skiing! I ask you - and they say there is global warming.....

Abi reckoned that the air was a bit thin up there, and made a point of stopping every 10 yards so she could gather up oxygen. Jack says he fancies himself as a mountain rescue dog. Mountain farting dog more like, the thin air played havoc with his innards.

After we got back down to Aviemore, we went for a walk to a small loch that has great views of the mountains from the shore line. Just before we got there, Jack went walkabouts (he does this occasionally) for about 10 mins. SJ was her usual calm self. TJ was a nervous, blithering bonehead (as usual).

"Jack! Jacky!!, Jacky Boy!!!" he shouted (repeat 1000 times).

"JACK! JAAAACK!! JAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!" he bellowed (repeat 1000000 times)

"For god's sake shut up hollering and blow the bloody dog whistle you pillock!" said SJ, calmy.

TJ blew the whistle, after nearly swallowing it in his blind panic, and low and behold Jack came back.

He was covered in a bog, He was black. He said he meant to fall in! Ha Ha!

He washed himself off as best he could in the loch. But he was still black and stinking.

When we got home, SJ cleaned him with baby wipes. It took forever. I don't think he'll be falling in to bogs on purpose anymore.

We had cooked mince in our dinner and then after our late evening walk with TJ it was time for bed. It was SJ's turn not to sleep well.....

Rosie. X.

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  1. Hi Bonkers Bodhi here, sounds like your having a really good time oop north, it is lovely and sunny down here us long dogs went for nice stroll in Kingley Vale without the annoying little yappy JRT's, very relaxing, now chilling on the sofa, for some reason Gilly thinks she can move me to sit on it! have fun in the snow and see you soon!

    Bonkers Bodhi, Sammy, Ollie and Lady Darcy