Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Scottish Highlands - Day 5 - The Kettle Hole

Hello everyone, Rosie here with an update on the goings on in Nessie land.

The day started with TJ walking all 3 of us. He got up late after not sleeping well due to being in pain (as usual). He moaned on about every single part of his skeletal framework for at least half an hour after getting out of bed. He said his - insert joint of your choice here - was so painful that he didn't think he was going to be able to put his boots on.

We tied him up in knots on the walk. It was so funny. Abi is a master of the 'stop for a pee when the two-legger is least expecting it' game. It drives TJ nuts. Jack did his number 2 half way up a grassy bank. It took TJ five minutes to pick it up. Each time he tried to climb the bank one of us would pull in the opposite direction. I have never heard him swear so much - and that's saying something.

We arrived back at the cottage, eventually, where TJ told SJ that we were 'a nightmare' and was befuddled as to why Abi pees so much. "Really" said SJ, "that's interesting", she wasn't listening.....

Then came the afternoon walk at Loch Morlich or 'the kettle hole' as TJ kept reminding us. If he tells us that it is a kettle hole one more time I'm going to pee on his boots - while he is wearing them - and it will be a long pee - I'm good at those.

We walked all the way around the Loch - 3.5 miles. It was lovely. For the first half we were on leads as we were on the south side of the Loch in the woods. There is a roe deer cull on at the moment, so none of us fancied getting shot!

When we got to the north side of the Loch we reached the beach. Yes, the Loch really has a beach! It's fantastic. It was safe to be let off the lead here.

That's when it happened, that's when we first saw Jack's true colours.....

As you know, Jack is a lurcher - there is a lot of greyhound in him but we didn't know what else. He didn't know either - we all do now.....

The moment came when we were racing up and down the beach. The Loch is very shallow so we were in and out of the water too. TJ picked up a stick and threw it out in to the Loch. Jack instinctively raced after it and fetched it back!!!!! and dropped it back at TJ's feet!

"Do it again!, Do it again!, Do it again!" said Jack. TJ threw the stick again and off went Jack and then back he came - stick in mouth. This went on for 15 minutes.

So there you have it - there is gun dog in him - most likely Labrador. Jack is very pleased with himself - he can retrieve (gun dog) very, very quickly (sighthound).

We carried on walking and made it back the car, where we met a coach party of pensioners from Cheshire. They all gathered around the back of the car and fussed us. It was lovely.

Just before they left, an elderly gentleman asked SJ a most peculiar question:

"Do they like sea water?"

"Er....." replied SJ, "Well they like a run on the beach I suppose".

When we got back, we had mince in our dinner - yum - and then a good sleep. We were too tired to wind up TJ on our bedtime walk - although he did manage to bang his head very hard on the branch of a tree - the numpty.

Rosie. X.

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