Friday, 7 May 2010

The Scottish Highlands - Day 6 - 'Have you fallen dear?'

Jack the Lad here - today was funny.....

TJ was up late again and walked all three of us together. We met a gorgeous greyhound at the end of the loch. Her name is Meg and she hails from Cheshire. She is a lovely dark brindle colour. I quite fancy her. Hope I see her again soon.....

After lunch we went for a walk in Ellan Woods. Me and Rosie were off lead - we had a good run around. I got in to bother for laying down in a bog again. I like bogs! I can't help it. I did whiff a bit though ;o)

I ran off for a bit after that - thought I saw a squirrel - when I got back, Rosie gave me a good telling off. She is a bossy pack leader but she looks after us well.

As we got towards the end of the walk Rosie, me and TJ found ourselves a long way ahead of SJ and Abi (who was on the lead). Then we heard a commotion and looked back. All we could see was Abi yomping through the woodland shrubbery dragging SJ along behind - on her hands and knees. Abi had seen a rabbit!

"Abi!, Abi!" yelped SJ. TJ was sniggering and snorting.

SJ picked herself up off the muddy floor, and then Abi lunged again as the rabbit reappeared! SJ was on the deck again! TJ hooted with laughter.

"Abi!! for goodness sake!!" complained SJ. She picked herself up and dusted herself down.

"That wasn't funny!" she said as she caught us up.

"No dear" replied TJ, he winked at me as we continued on, trying his hardest not to smile.

And then SJ tripped over a stone, stumbled forward, tripped again and was face down in the dirt! Again!

TJ bellowed with laughter, holding his oversized stomach with both hands. He helped SJ up. She was not happy.

TJ giggled like a naughty school boy all the way back to the car and then all the way back to the cottage. He was still grinning like a buffoon when SJ dispatched him to the launderette with a bag of washing.

Jack. X.

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