Sunday, 28 November 2010

Foster Girl Maisie

This is Maisie. She is a lurcher and she arrived on Thursday.

Rosie here - the two-leggers have taken in this waif and stray as a foster dog for Southern Lurcher Rescue (SLR) * *.

She is a wonderful pooch considering everything she has been through.....

SJ called TJ at work on Thursday and told him that a kennels in mid Hampshire had been in touch with SLR about two dogs they had taken in last week. One was Maisie and the other is now called Tag. They had been found by a dog warden. They were locked away in a shed and had been for some time.

TJ said that we had to help, so SJ rang the lovely lady that runs SLR and it was agreed that we would take in Maisie. (Tag was taken on by another kind SLR volunteer). So TJ drove to the kennels after work (he got lost 3 times on the way - typical - numpty) and picked her up. The kennels had looked after her well, but she clearly needed individual care and attention.

When she arrived we all went for a walk so we could all get to know her. She straight away told us that she was scared and didn't know what was going on, and asked if we knew what was going to happen to her? Abi told her that she was safe at last, that she had been rescued by SLR and that she had nothing at all to be worried about. Jack told her that there was a warm, comfy bed waiting for her and lots of food. Suki told her that SJ and TJ would look after her and that the dark days were now behind her.

When we got back to the house we had a chance to have a good look at her. We were shocked and a little upset. Poor, poor Maisie - no wonder she had been so scared. How could any two-legger ever let one of God's creatures get in to such a state? She is covered in flea bites and scabs (caused by fox mange). Her coat - filthy, greasy and smelly. Her tail - patchy and bald at the end, and she has several missing teeth  and some that are broken. Worst of all, she has urine burns from being forced to live in a shed..... - I cried.

We all tried our best to make her feel welcome. She soon started to settle, realising that her nightmare was finally over. That night, TJ slept on the sofa in the lounge to keep her company - but his bloody snoring kept her and the rest of us awake! He sounded like an angry pig with a sore throat - never ever heard anything like it! He needs help - what a truly awful noise.

The next day (Friday), SJ took Maisie to the vet. He gave her more antibiotics for her skin and checked her over. All things considered, she is doing ok. In the afternoon SJ and TJ gave her a bath - she needed it apparently - SJ said the colour of the water defied description - poor dog. Later we went for a walk around the village. She peed everywhere - even more than Abi does - which is no mean feat I can tell you. She joined us in the lounge after tea whilst the two leggers watched a film. She slept soundly.

On Saturday we all went up to the Forest for a walk:

That's Maisie - 2nd from the left.The two-legger is TJ. I told you he was gormless prat. The inane grin on his face just proves it.

The walk was lovely, but it was very cold. Maisie said that she didn't care - not one little bit. Bless - I'd almost forgotten what it was like to live in a shed..... at least I had a bench to sleep on.....

Today (Sunday), the two-leggers took Suki, Jack and Maisie on an SLR walk. It was too cold for me and Abi so we stayed at home. Maisie said that she'd never met some many dogs before. But then she said that each and everyone of them told her that she was safe now and would be for ever more.....

Rosie. X

ps. Maisie's farts smell worse than TJ's - unbelievable I know.....

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