Monday, 28 September 2009

I hate cats.....

.....and I'm not too fond of Airedales.

Rosie here with the latest instalment from the New Forest.

It's been a busy few days since I last blogged. On Friday me, Abi, TJ (the idiot) and SJ (the nicest) went for a walk in Wilverley Inclosure. It was fantastic - I ran for miles and miles and miles - I loved it. Orienteering Abi was kept on the lead. She says she's not bothered but I bet she is really. TJ kept showing off with his new application on his iPhone. It's a GPS trail tracker - he's very pleased with it. SJ told me and Abi that he's an 'idiot geek' and not to tell him that she said so. She also told us that he can't walk to the end of the road without getting lost and not to tell him that either.

On Saturday we went for another walk, this time in Setthorns Inclosure. Things were going well until we came across a mentalist Airedale (Airhead more like) that attacked me!! It had me by the throat at one point before it's owner got hold of it and put it on the lead. I was quite shocked I must admit. Abi missed it all cos she was looking the other way deep in thought - she said she was working out a quadratic equation - something to do with when her claw will grow back (eh?).

TJ was useless of course - I think he pooped his pants with fright judging by the smell. SJ gave me a cuddle and made me feel better. The rest of the walk was fine and I met lots of friendly dogs which was very reassuring.

We went for another walk round the village in the evening. TJ was grumpy cos his footy team (Hull City) got beat 6 - 1 by Liverpool. Me and Abi support Liverpool now - tee hee!

On Sunday we went to see Oscar and the two-leggers Ma and Pa. They have been on holiday to Welsh Wales for a week and came back the day before. Oscar says they talk really funny there and sometimes they even talk a different language altogether! What's the point of that?

Ma cooked welsh lamb, Pa made a scrummy gravy and we got to lick the plates - yum.

Oscar says you can buy leaks in the shops in Wales. That's a bit odd isn't it? Abi could make a fortune with all the leaks she takes.

Today, we went for a walk round the village - saw loads of cats. I hate cats with a passion - I can't help it, something to do with my breeding according to TJ. Anyhow, SJ won't let me chase them - shame. She turns my lead in to a harness to restrain me - quite clever really.

Time for a nap - I chase cats in my dreams and they always get away - but at least the chase is fun.

Rosie. X

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