Thursday, 24 September 2009

On the road to recovery.

Hello everyone, it's Abi here. Sorry for the delay in getting an update to you. My claw has been quite painful over the last few days so I elected to use my blogging time for licking my wound, much to SJ's annoyance.

It's getting better now, but the two-leggers keep making me wear a sock and a boot when we go out for a walk. I look a right twerp. This afternoon, I managed to get rid of both the sock and the boot without TJ noticing (not difficult, he is an idiot) but just when I thought I had got away with it, SJ spotted they were missing and went back to where I had left them and picked them up. Next time I see Cassie I'm going to tell her she can have the boot back.

It's been fairly quiet over the last few days, except for when Billy the Westie came round. It was the usual chaos, he is non stop - I don't think he gets fed where he lives - SJ says he makes a good hoover. I can't understand a word he says - he's from the West Highlands of Scotland you know. I went up there this year for the first time with TJ, SJ and Rosie. Ma, Pa and Oscar were there too. Good job Rosie was there to translate for me. Rosie, Oscar and I met a haggis on one of our walks - funny looking thing - pot bellied creature about the size of a small rabbit. Oscar says that Pa likes to eat them cooked, with a drop of whisky!

Moving on..... it turns out that Rosie and I have relatives in common! Can you believe it! TJ found out that Rosie's Dad (Lukes Roano) was mated with my Grandmother (Wise Plan) and had nine pups. Five of them (Cherished Plan, Forgotten Legend, Towering Figure, Tribal Track and Wise Actress) went off to the USA and raced at Lincoln Park in Rhode Island. One (Fine Recording) ended up running at the Gulf track in Texas. Reigning King raced in Denmark, Forgotten Hero at Limerick in Ireland and Wise Winner didn't make it in to racing. I wonder where they all are now.....? Rosie and I would love to know.

Before I sign off for today, I thought I should let you know that I am still clever. On Tuesday, I worked out that if I pretend to be daft and vacant it often means that I get more attention than Rosie - smart eh?

Abi. X

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