Thursday, 1 October 2009

He picked it up with his bare hands.....!

.....well nearly.

Abi here - must tell you about our walk this morning, it was soooo funny. When the two-leggers walk us they take a bag with them. The bag contains many things including a pooper scooper they use for picking up..... well exactly. When we knew it was TJ (the idiot) who was going to walk us this morning, we decided to play a trick on him and hide the pooper scooper!

He fell for it. And off we went, sniggering all the way up the road towards the first poo bin. Rosie pooped first - a fine effort I must say. I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud. When she had finished we looked at each other and waited. And then.....

.....'Bugger!' he said. We were watching him out of the corner of our eye, we saw him look round to see if he could get away without picking it up. We knew his conscience would get the better of him. He rustled around in the bag looking for a poo bag. He found one, placed it around his hand whilst pulling a really funny face, and then he bent down and picked up the rather splendid, stinking turd - he nearly threw up! We were in silent hysterics!

Off we went, all knowing that I needed to empty my bowels. TJ was not happy, he was mumbling and grumbling, huffing and puffing, and getting himself in a right tither!

I waited as long as I could before delivering my monstrous 'first of the day'. It was a beauty! For a while we all stood round and admired it - except for TJ who was making funny gagging noises and sweating. He found another bag, wrapped it around his hand and scooped it up trying not to pass out with the stench. Me and Rosie were nearly drunk with laughter!

We giggled all the way to the next poo bin and then all the way home.

TJ went off to where ever he goes during the day in a right huff. Rosie and I had breakfast and then settled down for a nap, sniggering until we finally dropped off to sleep.

Abi. X

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