Sunday, 20 September 2009

Lazy Sunday.....

Hello there, Rosie here with another update from the New Forest.

Today has been a bit calmer than yesterday, although Abi's bad toe is still giving her a bit of gip. Did you see her equation yesterday? What is she like? I'm starting to think that she may be a couple of jumbones short of a box.

I think she may be right about one thing though, I too am coming round to thinking that TJ is a bit of a prawn. He went out for a bike ride in the forest this morning and got lost! He ended up in a camp site less than a mile from the house and couldn't find his way out! He told SJ that it was like being in a maze, she told him he was an idiot.

In the afternoon TJ and GJM went out. GJM had a nice yellow uniform on - I think I heard him say he was off to play footy. When they came back they were both in a bad mood. TJ said that 'it can't get any worse'. By 'it' I think he means the footy rather than the nice yellow uniform.

Abi and I went for a nice walk this afternoon, not too long though cos Abi had her boot on and she needs to take it easy. When we got back I had a couple of sprints round the garden, a few spins and barked at next doors dog. Felt much better for it I can tell you.

Then I had my tea - yum - and when SJ wasn't looking I ate Abi's too. Abi's not too bothered cos when she asked where her tea had gone I told he that she'd eaten it and must have forgotten. I think she fell for it.

Must go, I've got a nasty bout of wiffy wind and need to take a trip up the garden..... I think I may have eaten too much.

Rosie. X

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