Saturday, 19 September 2009


Abi here - what a day!

I hurt myself, I've broken one of my claws - clean off.... :o(

I did it running round the garden with Rosie first thing this morning. TJ got up to let us out, we raced up the garden hunting for cats and before I knew there was a crack and I yelped out in pain. When I got back in I went straight to my bed so TJ could examine the damage. He nearly fainted cos he is no good with blood - it was everywhere. SJ (the nicest) came in and looked after me and TJ went back upstairs to lie down - what a wet haddock).

It took ages to stop bleeding but when it did SJ sprayed some magic purple spray on the wound and suddenly if felt much better. SJ put a sock on my foot and taped it up.

I heard the two-leggers discussing whether my claw will grow again and TJ looked it up on the tinterweb. Of course it will!

I thought I would use my excellent mathematical skills to work out when it will grow back, so I set about working on a formula whilst I was laying on my back staring at the sock on my foot (it's pink with little red hearts on). It didn't take me long, here it is:


where D=Date, td=today's date, nt=the number of teeth I have, nn=the number of nipples Rosie has and w=the number of whiskers I currently have.

The answer (D=Date) is that my claw will grow back on November 23rd.

JD (SJ's sister) came round this morning with her son BM who is 8. He's great - He gave me a pat on the head and said I would be just fine. But they left Billy the Westie at home - just as well cos he would probably have stood on my foot.

In the afternoon SJ went round to Cassie's house (Cassie is a another lovely greyhound) and came back with a little boot to go on my foot. It's ace! It means I can go for short walks and out in the garden. I must say thanks to Cassie next time I see her.

TJ did something strange today - he took loads of things out of the garage and put them in the shed. What's the point of that? And now he's moaning about having a bad back - for a two-legger, he's a bit of an idiot - but Rosie and I still like him cos he gives us treats when SJ isn't looking.

Oooh, I can smell lasagne! Means SJ is cooking again. Don't tell TJ but she lets us lick the plates, pots and pans in the kitchen before they go in a thing called a washdisher. She says we make an excellent 'pre-wash' - another thing I am good at then.

Abi. X

ps. Toe feels much better.

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  1. Wow, Abi, you had such a big day! I'm glad to know your toe feels better though. I really liked your math formula. You must be a wiz with numbers! I'm impressed. I hope the rest of your weekend is injury free. Hugs and scritches to you and your sis, Kristin