Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Mad as a hatstand?

I don't think so.....

Hello world, Abi here and apparently it's my turn to blog - so here goes.

TJ is convinced that I am as mad as a hatstand, which he thinks is a witty way of saying that I am as daft as a brush. Well I'm not.....

I may be a little forgetful at times and I may like to do things at my own pace, but 'mad' and 'daft'? - no. A little eccentric? - Guilty as charged your honour.

You see, I'm actually an intellect. I'm a very clever dog, I just don't like to show off. And because I'm often pondering such matters as quantum physics, biological evolution and the meaning of everything, it means that the two-leggers may not have my full attention.

And for your information TJ, the reason I pee a lot is because it helps me think.

What's more, I'm not going to change and that's because I don't want to. I take deep satisfaction from philosphy, lateral thinking and indeed - peeing.

I have to admit to being very grateful and very fond of the two leggers (SJ is the nicest) for giving me my forever home and looking after Rosie and I so well. Racing really wasn't my thing, even though I was very, very fast and won lots of races. After I retired I had a litter of puppies and was going to go back to Ireland to have more when the two-legger looking after me thought I would be better off in a forever home and contacted TJ.

I often think about my puppies and how they might be doing now. I think TJ and SJ will keep tabs for me and let me know - they reckon there is a website they can use to find out how they are getting on.

Anyhow, enough sentiment, it's time for an update on recent goings on..... you know what? I have no idea what's been happening, to be honest I never give it a thought, and once more I don't really care. Rosie has been sleeping, playing, spinning, eating and farting. TJ (who also farts) has not been here and SJ has been here.

I have mostly been considering the cosmos and whether a worm hole combined with a black hole makes any sense whatsoever. I'll let you know when I've worked it out - which means, two-leggers, I'll be peeing a lot.

Abi. x

ps. Of course I know what an ox is - you make gravy with it.

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