Friday, 18 September 2009

Round the Twist

Rosie here, time for another spiel.

I have just read Abi's blog - what is she like?! Worm holes my bare backside (which it is actually), she's as mad as a box of frogs make no mistake.

But come to think of it, she does have frequent periods where she looks completely vacant. Maybe she is thinking. Blimey - imagine if she is clever after all, she does use long words sometimes. I just thought she was making them up for something to do.

TJ's kids arrived yesterday - EK (13 year old girl two-legger) and GJM (11 year old boy). They come every other weekend from Thursday to Monday. TJ says he's gone 'round the twist' already. He says this every time they come but I have yet to see this 'twist' thing - I wonder where he keeps it? It must be quite big for him to go round it.

EK and GJM aren't so bad - they stroke and cuddle us when we sit next to them on the sofas. But they do make some funny moaning and groaning noises when SJ asks if they would like to take us for a walk. The odd noises are then followed by lots of huffing and puffing. TJ just throws his hands in the air and says things like 'I give up' and 'you're coming with us whether you like it or not'. Then, when we eventually arrive in the Forest for a walk, they spend most of the time trying to break the rope swing, hitting each other with sticks and shouting.

TJ took EK and GJM to 'school' this morning - it's where they go to learn things - what a good idea! When he came back we went for a quick walk in the Forest up at Wilverley. I love it there. I'm allowed off the lead cos I'm good and come back when I'm called. Abi is kept on the lead - the two times she has been let off she disappeared, once for two hours. When she eventually came back, she claimed that she had been pursuing her new hobby of orienteering. Told you - she's bonkers.

SJ's sister (JD) came round today but without Billy dog- he's a Westie. He makes us laugh, he's soooooo small! He has tiny little legs and a great big head! He's really funny - he has to stand on his back legs to reach our food bowls, tee hee! And he barks with a funny accent and says 'och aye' and 'I'm not a wee dog' a lot. Hopefully we'll see him again soon.

Time to go now, feeling a bit peckish and I can hear food bowls being filled.

Rosie. X

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