Sunday, 4 October 2009

TJ is an idiot.....'s now a confirmed fact.

Hello one and all, it's Rosie here with another update on the goings on in our world.

In case there was any doubt, I can now confirm that TJ is worryingly idiotic. Last week SJ bought us some lovely new harnesses to replace our big neck collars. She had seen my Uncle Olly and Auntie Duffy wearing them on the interweb and thought how smart they looked. They turned up on Friday - mine is red and Abi's is black.

Anyhow, the two-leggers decided that they needed trigger clips to attach the leads to the harnesses. So off we went to a pet shop.

As you all know, Abi is a bit dim so what did TJ do? He took her in the pet shop (No!), what did Abi do? She wrapped herself and her lead and TJ around a stand holding mugs - lots and lots of mugs. Next thing, you guessed it, there was a broken mug on the floor and TJ wearing an inane grin. Abi was just staring at the bird seed - with no idea of what she and the idiot had just done.

The very kind shopkeeper said not to worry and cleared up the mess. TJ left the shop still grinning like a small child with wind. Abi followed with her tail between her legs.

So then SJ goes in to the shop to look for trigger clips. She took one she already had with her to help compare sizes - she needed the next size up. She came out a minute or two later, gave the clip to TJ and sent him in to have a look cos she couldn't find any. He came out saying he had found some but they were the same size - so no luck.

So off we went to a pub nearby, I must admit I needed a lie down by now.

Then it happened - idiot status confirmation:

SJ: 'Can I have the trigger clip back please?'
TJ: 'Eh?'
SJ: 'The trigger clip - the one I gave you - can I have it back please?'
TJ: 'I haven't got it'
SJ: 'Where is it then?'
TJ: 'It's hanging up in the shop with the others'
SJ: 'Er, why exactly?'
TJ: 'Ah, that was our trigger clip then was it?'
SJ: 'Yes indeed, why would I have a brought a clip out of the shop, without paying for it, and then tell you I couldn't find any?'
TJ: 'Oops'

Abi and I just sighed and ate another biscuit. SJ stared despairingly out of the window, wondering what it was that ever attracted her to the buffoon in the first place.

TJ to Shopkeeper: 'Er, you see this clip? Well, it's actually mine - I know it's in your shop but I actually put it there, I just popped back to pick it up and ,er, er, once again - sorry about the mug'

Shopkeeper: 'Get out of my shop'

SJ didn't speak to TJ for a couple of hours.....

Rosie. X

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