Monday, 12 October 2009

How rude!

Abi here, I've just read Rosie's last blog and she completely failed to mention that it was my birthday last week! How remiss of her. (Do you know, I've just looked up 'remiss' in my thesaurus - I do like a good read - and one of the alternative adjectives offered is 'slipshod'. I think this describes Rosie to a tee. Another offering was 'slapdash' - but that applies more to TJ).

Anyhow, back to my birthday - I was seven years young! I got a nice present from the two-leggers, it was a toy. I had a special breakfast with ham and a special tea with pilchards. Also got a present from Oscar - another toy. I love toys - I particularly enjoy taking them from one room to another for no apparent reason and leaving them there.

Oscar the boxer came round for the day yesterday (Sunday). Ma and Pa (Oscar's two-leggers) went over to the Isle of Wight for the day for a birthday party. Oscar didn't want to go cos he gets sea-sick and has an aversion to potato salad, so he came to us.

It was bonkers, what is he like? Where shall I start?

1. He tried to chase the trains - over and over. We have a very long garden - at then end of the garden there is a railway cutting and every now and then a train goes past. Needless to say he never caught one. Rosie and I did try to explain that he was wasting his time, but he kept saying that he had to chase them cos they have got wheels. Mad as a box of frogs.

2. He ate so many chews he was sick - on the nice rug - in the lounge. Why didn't he know when to stop? Oh yes, he's a boxer. TJ flatly refused to clear it up, so SJ did it - and she was nearly threw up - was quite funny really but please don't tell her.

3. When we went for a walk, he nearly had a fight with another boxer! Admittedly it wasn't his fault, but why do boxers want to fight each other? I suppose that's why they are called boxers! (That was a joke.....).

When Ma and Pa got back he was very pleased to see them - your own two-leggers are always the best aren't they? They stayed for supper and then went home. It was a fun day - always is with Oscar.

Here's another joke to sign off with:

Q: Why was the beach annoyed?
A: Cos the seaweed.

Bye. Abi. X

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