Saturday, 10 October 2009

What a week!

Hello out there - Rosie here - it's been a long, long week.

As you know, we went to the vets on Monday, Abi thought we were going to get a 'vest' - I give up sometimes. Anyhow, she's got a couple of cysts and seems very pleased. I haven't got the heart to tell her that a cyst is big lump of fat that could burst at any time.....

The vet said my bad leg isn't too bad and should get better soon. It still hurts a bit but SJ looks after me so well - thank goodness I don't have to run round those tracks every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

TJ went off during the day on Tuesday and Wednesday like he normally does, except that he said he was going coarsing! (at least I thought he said that) - turns out he was on a 'course'. Oops - silly me. Not sure what a 'course' is but he seemed to enjoy it. He said he has learned about mindsets and beliefs. I 'believe' Abi needs a mind reset! Ha Ha Ha HA! Geddit?

On Thurday evening SJ went out for the evening selling her wares! Steady now, I know what you're thinking and you're wrong - she had a stall at a craft fair. TJ looked after us - not - he spent the whole evening laying on the sofa belching as loud as he could and then laughing. Me and Abi were not impressed, so we let him have a couple of greyhound quacks. He was not impressed - like we cared - and go up to open the patio door to let some fresh air in.

We were very pleased to see SJ when she came back - although she seemed a little sad - don't think she sold many wares.....

Today (Saturday) we went for a walk in the forest and TJ surpassed himself in the idiot stakes. Read on.....

We met a very large mastiff, said dog had a very large head with very,very large jowells. Said jowells were covered in horrid mastiff  saliva 'gunk'.

You know what's coming don't you? SJ, me and Abi gave the gunk machine a very wide berth. TJ, however, made friends with it.....

The mastiff liked TJ too. It stuck it's head up his bum and then in his crotch and then shook like only a mastiff can shake. TJ was covered in mastiff saliva 'gunk' from head to foot. What a pillock. He looked like he had wet himself.

He really is an idiot.

Rosie. X

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