Monday, 5 October 2009

I am special.....

.....cos the vetinarian said so. You see I have got TWO cysts and Rosie hasn't got any! So there!

Hello there, Abi's turn to blog.

We went to the vets today for our annual check up and boosters. The vet (Edward) is ever so nice and gave us biscuits when we arrived. Rosie was checked over first. Edward said that she might have Arthur Itis in one of her joints and needs 'glue cos I'm in' eh? in her food - sounds yucky. She also has a wart in her ear and a lump (please note: a lump not a cyst) in her left foreleg. All fairly typical stuff for a retired racing greyhound according to my new special friend Ed.

Then it was my turn. First he looked at my broken claw - it's fine - he said it would grow back in a couple of months. Duh! I could have told him that - November 23rd to be exact - I worked it out.....

Then he listened to my heart - all was well. The two-leggers asked Ed to look at a couple of bumps - one on my neck and one on my back. Well, it turns out that they are cysts - Ed had a good look at them and said they were perfect examples! I did feel proud - Rosie was not impressed and turned round to face the wall rather than look at my smug face. I felt 10 feet tall.

Then it was time for my booster injection - apparently dogs can get hysteria if they don't have the booster. When Ed put the needle in my neck I couldn't help it and burst in to song! The two-leggers thought I was howling in pain but I was singing! I love to sing when I'm happy and I was so happy cos I have got perfect cysts!

And then it was Rosie's turn for the boosters - she was sulking by now - and then we both had more biscuits for being good.

On the way home in the car I asked Rosie if she was jealous of my cysts. She said I was a deranged dillusionist who needed her bumps felt. I couldn't help but point out that they are cysts and not bumps.

The two-leggers are obviously impressed cos I had pilchards with my tea and a paddywack as a special treat. Can't wait to tell Billy and Oscar that I'm special.

Abi. X

ps. Rosie has just agreed that I am a special case indeed. I knew she'd come round.

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