Sunday, 25 October 2009

It's all been happening.....

Greetings to you all. Rosie here, sorry for the long gap between blogs but there's not been time! It's been chaotic to say the least!

Before I start, Abi has asked me if I could defend those greyhounds which are known to be rather partial to licking sofas. Abi likes to lick the sofas..... and cushions..... and TJ's trousers (if he is sat on a sofa). The thing is - it goes on for hours - the monotony is mind-blowing! And somewhat disturbing.

And here is the case for the Defence: She is doing her 'times tables'. Hence:

"One times nine is nine" - lick - "two times nine is eighteen" - lick - ..... "eleven times ninety-two is nine hundred and thirty one" ..... I think you get the gist of it.

She says she can't help it if she is gifted and talented, and that soggy uphostelry is a small price to pay for greyhound genius. I say she is confused and in need of a decent pigs ear.

Anyhow, on with things more relevant. TJ's underlings turned up on Thursday. We were pleased to see them initially but the novelty soon wore off. Then me and Abi spent most of the time trying to avoid them. Which meant being in a different room or laying on the sofas with our backs to them pretending to be asleep. I don't know how SJ and TJ put up with them. They make so much noise and make such a mess. And they NEVER take us for walks.....

TJ and SJ went out on Friday for a couple of hours and when they came back TJ had a new one of those things on his face that perches on his nose and hooks round his ears. Odd looking contraption. He says he can see properly now. What's he on about? SJ looked sad and said that it was a crime. I think she was referring to the cost of the thing on his face rather than the fact he could see properly now.

Saturday was a traveling day. The kids said we were going to visit Granny and Grandad Longwayaway. Me and Abi were very excited. We love it up there. It's a big house with a great big sofa (for Abi to practice her algebra) and lot's of yummy food. Don't tell Granny but we nick loads of grub when she's not looking..... She blames TJ and the kids. Tee hee!

They live in the countryside so there's loads of lovely walks and lots to sniff and pee on. Ace.

On the way up we stopped for a break - we were bursting. TJ opened the car boot and we couldn't help it and shot out across the car park without our leads on - well needs must!. TJ chased us and grabbed hold of our collars, but Abi's slipped off! She was free! Luckily for the two-leggers she didn't know quite what to do next. She opted for a long widdle which gave TJ the chance to catch up and get the leads on us both. After  a short walk and the necessary ablutions we got back in the car and headed off again.We arrived at tea-time.

Today (Sunday) was splendiferous. Abi was allowed off the lead!!!!! SJ and TJ took us for a walk in the afternoon and found a big, big field that was fenced all the way round. First they let me off and a I couldn't help it - I just had to run - as fast as I could. When I looked round, there was Abi! Running faster than me! We had great fun - we ran and ran and ran until we were called back by SJ.

We're completely knackered now and we both ache. But it was worth it.

Rosie. X

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