Monday, 26 October 2009

The tale of six fields

Hello everyone - Abi here - what a day!

Before I reveal all, I'd just like say what a complete joy it was to be let off the lead yesterday. It was great to stretch my legs and show Rosie just how quick I am. She really is a slow coach. I was an Open class racer, and was passed her before I had hit 3rd gear! Rosie reckons I got a jump start - I told her she should stick to chasing fat pheasants.

Anyhow, today I am a bit stiff and was more than happy to stay on the lead when we went out for our walks. Rosie, however, was not.....

Field no 1: TJ got up at 7am this morning to take us for our morning ablutions. Field no 1 is a ploughed field - there was a fine crop of barley in the summer. Rosie (off the lead) and I peed incessantly and we each delivered a stinking, volumous and textually perfect 'first of the day'. TJ made his usual gagging noises when he picked them up.

Field no 2: We crossed a bridge over a stream in to field no 2. It's massive - about 10 acres. It's been ploughed and a crop has been planted and it's sprouting - so it's perfect for sprinting across. Rosie spotted a pheasant about 150 yards away and she was off. The pheasant (with a pea sized brain) out-witted Rosie (with a smaller than a pea sized brain) by waiting until she was 10 feet away and then casually fluttering up in to the neighbouring hedge. Rosie then sprinted across the field to the opposite side, trying to convince us all she'd spotted a rabbit. She came back, eventually, looking cream crackered and a little embarassed.

Field no 3: In the afternoon TJ and SJ took us to a new field! Field no 3 had a long straight path down the side that went on for about 400 yards. The mad two-leggers let Rosie off again! She legged it straight down the path at high speed and then diagonally across the field with fat man TJ in hot (more like luke warm) pursuit.

Field no 4: When Rosie came back she shot straight in the the adjacent field no 4 chasing more pheasants and then straight in to:

Field no 5: Where she ran round the entire perimeter. By this time TJ had resorted to hollering and waving his arms like a dervish. SJ was much calmer and just waited for Rosie to come back - which she did. And she was put back on the lead.

Field no 6: We crossed a couple of bridges in to the next field - but it was all uphill. Eventually we turned back and trudged back to the car.

Rosie is now spent and curled up in her bed. I don't think she will get up until Thursday.....

Abi. X

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