Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Hello all, Rosie here with the latest tale from up North.

If Abi is so clever then why did she eat the stairs? She woke us all up on Monday night by gnawing on the oak step next to where we were sleeping! The noise was horrendous. TJ came down to find out what was going on. He turned the light on and there was Abi with a great chunk of wood in her mouth - looking very pleased with herself. She is absolutely barking. She couldn't really explain herself when I asked. She said the step smelled good and she couldn't help it. I ask you.....

Luckily, Uncle Pat came over and used his woodworking skills to repair the damage. He asked TJ if he had the bits of wood that Abi had eaten. "Er..... not yet..... we may have to wait until tomorrow morning" was his reply.

On Tuesday we met a new friend. Her name is Daisy and she is a lovely brindle greyhound. I like her - she hates cats and likes to chase squirrells - just like me. We went for a walk with her two-leggers (who are also very nice) at Sewerby Park in Bridlington. Daisy didn't make it in to racing - lucky girl - and has found her forever home in Driffield. She told me and Abi that she is really happy and loves her two-leggers very much. Her ears are fantastic - they stick up just like a pharoah hound's. Marvellous.

Wednesday was quiet. TJ took us for our early morning toilet run. We went a different way across the fields and came across a pheasant copse - but with no pheasants present - boo.

SJ went off to see a friend in the afternoon. TJ and Granny Longwayaway took us for a walk in the afternoon - we went to the local church - Granny needed to check some flower arrangements. It was very nice. Abi did a poo in the church garden. TJ was very embarassed and in his haste to clear it up he got most of it on his hands - the burke. However, on the up side, he did manage to recover two chunks of wood.

Rosie. X

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