Wednesday, 11 November 2009

November so far.....

Hello everyone - Abi here.

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to blog but there has been so much going on and I have only just recovered from the stress of last week. Read on.....

I need to update you all on the final tale of our trip to Yorkshire in October. On the friday TJ and SJ took me and Rosie back to the field where they let me off the lead for a run earlier in the week. It was the best day of my life.....

Firstly, they let Rosie off and she was gone - fantastic to watch - 'Run, Rosie, run!' I heard SJ shout. Rosie was loving it. Then - it was my turn, the lead came off and I ran and ran as fast I could to catch Rosie up. 'Go, Abi, go!' faded away behind me as I sprinted across the field to find Rosie. I caught her up and we both had the biggest smiles on our faces. 'Follow me' said Rosie and we were off again.

We ran through the open gate in to the next field, we sprinted hard - just like when we were racing - the wind whistling as we went. Next was the farmyard, it smelt of cow dung so it was quick pee on the poo and then out again. Rosie bolted for the next field and I followed - we were having so much fun. I could hear distant calling but chose to ignore it. Our two-leggers worry too much.

We kept going in to the next field, and then the next - it was glorious - I felt like I could have run forever. By the time we reached the pond we were both ready for a rest. We took a drink and had a good look round. It was beautiful. Rosie said it was time to head back to the two-leggers, she said that they would be fretting. It is nice that they care so much. So we trotted back the way we came, taking in the smells as we went.

The two-leggers were pleased to see us and gave us lots of hugs and lots of treats. They did seem a bit keen to put us back on the lead.....

As we walked back to the house, I had a good look around me and made sure I took it all in, cos I knew it would be a while before we were back. I slept like a log for the rest of the day - and had the best dreams ever. What a day - I loved it.

We came back down south on the Sunday and the kids went back to their other home. We were sorry to see them go in a way - an odd way admittedly.

Whilst we had been away Ma and Pa had been round and decorated the lounge! It looks absolutely fantastic. Me and Rosie were well chuffed and then to top it all the the new sofa (see first blog) arrived. It is the business, it really is.

Then came the stressy bit. Every year it happens - lots of loud bangs and crashes in the evenings. I hate the noises - it really scares me. Rosie says the noises are caused by 'fireworks' or something and that hoomans think they are great.

Well, hoomans, they are not - they frighten me and it's not fair. Why do they have to be so loud????? And why does the whole 'thing' have to go on night after night?

TJ agrees and says he is going to write to his MP.

I wonder what an MP is? Rosie reckons that she heard SJ say that they as much use as a fish hook without a maggott and that they fiddle on their spenses. Eh? Sounds rude.....

Anyhow, the loud noises have stopped now and I feel much better.

Ta Ta for now.

Abi. X

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