Thursday, 26 November 2009

Jack the Longdog

Hello all - Rosie here - sorry for taking another age to blog but it's been mad here. SJ has been poorly with a bad cold and TJ has been working all hours recently including the last two weekends! (SJ was not happy I can tell you - TJ's ears must have been burning!).


His name is Jack and he told us that he is a Longdog. Admittedly he is quite long but there is no need to show off! Apparently a longdog is a cross sighthound. He doesn't seem cross to me, he's calm and relaxed as far as I can tell.....

SJ and TJ are fostering him until he can find a forever home. Jack's lovely two-legger is having to move house and will be living next to farmland. Poor Jack would be beside himself in the countryside as being a longdog he has a very, very strong chase instinct. So he's here with us for a while.

He's lovely, even if he has peed just about everywhere in the garden and in the village. He said it was down to nervous excitement. Abi is spent, cos she had to pee everywhere he peed. Stupid dog.

Ah - Jack has just said that he is cross because he is half a greyhound and half a saluki. So his front end must be the greyhound half cos he looks the same as us. Weird huh?

He is pretty cool though. I like the way he can pee sideways! Me and Abi have been trying to copy him but standing on three legs and peeing is really hard and we fall over!

If it's ok with you we are going to let Jack blog tomorrow. He really wants to tell you all a bit more about himself and the things he likes and doesn't like.

Bye for now.

Rosie. X

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