Friday, 27 November 2009

My name was Norbert.....

.....but now everyone calls me Jack. It's a long story.

Hello everyone - I've never written a blog before. My new best friends Rosie and Abi have let me have a go, I hope you will enjoy it.

I am a Longdog. I am half Greyhound and half Saluki. Bred for pace and stamina - and I've got bags of both. Although I have to say that Rosie and Abi are really, really fast. We've been legging it round the garden a lot today and I always come 3rd! But my extra stamina means I still want to play when those two have retired to the sofa! TJ, SJ, EK and GJM are more than happy to throw tennis balls for me to chase before I too am ready for a rest.

TJ and SJ are looking after me (it's called fostering apparently) until I can find my new forever home. My owner is really lovely but circumstances can change and here I am. I like it here and I am secretly hopeful that I might be able to stay here for good. Paws crossed.

I'm five years old and a brindle. That's me in the picture on the right. I love posing for photos and SJ loves taking them so there is likely to be lots more.

Rosie and Abi have been really nice to me so far. Abi uses lots of long words that I don't understand. Rosie says not to worry - she says Abi likes to think she is really clever. Rosie reckons that Abi doesn't understand half the stuff she comes out with cos she is just making up the words!

R & A said I have to tell you what I like and don't like so here are my top five likes and dislikes.


1. Food (what else would be no. 1?) - although I need gluten free food as cereals don't agree with me. Abi says I'm hypoallergenic - I'm very proud even though I don't know what it means.

2. Hoomans - I LOVE cuddles.

3. Toys - squeaky ones preferably.

4. Sleep.

5. Walks - the longer the better.

(6. Rosie & Abi).


1. Dog flatulence - I don't think TJ likes it either. In fact, I know he doesn't.

2. Baths - hate them.

3. Cold weather - I've only got a light coat.

4. Aggressive dogs - what's the point?

5. Weeing on my own leg - I seem to do it all the time. I'll spare you the anotomical detail for now.....

I have to go now. I've really enjoyed blogging and I hope you have enjoyed finding out a bit more about me.

Hope I can blog again soon.

Jack. X

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