Saturday, 28 November 2009

We had to laugh

Abi here - the rather splendid and attractive black greyhound.

TJ decided to take all three of us for a walk on his own today. It was really very entertaining. Before we left we told Jack (the fostered longdog) that we like to play tricks on TJ when he walks us on his own. Jack thought this was great and was very keen to join in. He didn't let the side down.

We all agreed that we would hold on to our poos until we could find a spot where it would be most inconvenient for TJ to pick them up and therefore most amusing for us. It worked a treat.

Before the first dump we had great fun tangling up our leads and watching TJ trying to unravel them. The harder he tried the more he tangled them up. Numpty. He was grumbling away to himself - we just giggled.

Jack asked if he could poo first. 'Be our guest' I said. What a star.

He waited until we got to the T-junction of a road and unloaded a gagging whopper right on the corner. It was massive. He was well chuffed.

TJ wasn't. He herded us, rather pathetically, to safety and then picked up the prize without using the scoop. He was nearly sick as he tied the bag in a knot. Then off we went, leads all tangled up and TJ moaning about the texture of warm poo.

Five minutes later and Rosie went next. At the bottom of a two foot ditch! Ha Ha! TJ fumbled about in his pocket, retrieved a bag and did the necessary. It took him three attempts to get out of the ditch cos the idiot only had a pair of flimsy trainers on. Jack was beside himself.

Then it was my turn. I waited and waited, and just when TJ thought he had gotten away with it, I let it all flow - slap bang in the middle of a driveway - with the house owners looking on in total disgust. Once again there was fumbling and then gagging and much gnashing of teeth. TJ was livid, we were aching with laughter. Jack said it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.

When we got back to the house TJ went to bed in a huff saying that his back was hurting. I think SJ fell for it but we knew he was sulking like a teenager.

TJ is funny. If only he knew how funny. The pillock.

Abi. X

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