Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Happy New Year!!!!!

Rosie here - so, so sorry for taking so long to update the blog. I could make all sorts of excuses - so I will! The run up to Christmas was just bonkers. TJ was working very hard, as was SJ - she had a couple of affairs! She had one in the village hall at the top of the road and another at the local college. She was very pleased. Oddly enough so was TJ!

Oh hang on - Abi has just pointed out that they were 'fayres' and she was selling her photo products. Oops.

Christmas itself was hectic. Oscar came to stay for a whole week! His two-leggers went off to Switzerland (wherever that is - Abi says it's abroad - don't know what that means) for a holiday. It took a while for us all to settle down together, and we fell out a few times, but we worked out who was boss (me) and then all was well. Jack the Longdog is still living with us. He and Oscar enjoyed playing in the garden. Except Jack kept nicking Oscar's toys when he wasn't looking. He told Oscar that it wasn't him and that it must be TJ! Oscar never worked out what was going on..... typical boxer.

TJ's kids also came for Christmas - so there were four two-leggers and four four-leggers in the house for a week! EK and GJH helped out with the walks - but only sometimes - much to TJ's annoyance. He said "They come round 'ere, eat us out of 'ouse and 'ome, and never lift a finger. Chocolate teapots the pair of 'em."

Even Abi doesn't know what he was on about. Oh and he's still an idiot by the way - he is always losing things. SJ said he's 'lost the plot completely'. Jack reckons that we should help him look for it but we don't know where to start.

Chistmas Day was fun - lot's of presents, food and a couple of lovely walks.

Oscar and the kids went back to their respective homes after Christmas. And the New Years Eve came along. Poor Abi - she hates fireworks. I tried barking at them but it didn't help. Abi was a quivering wreck for a couple of hours. Jack just slept.

On Sunday we went for a lovely walk with Southern Lurcher Rescue. SLR is the charity trying to re-home Jack. We met loads of new friends and the two-leggers seemed to have fun too. We were on Hayling Island which is where I used to live when I was racing. I must admit, I was a teeny weeny bit glad when we left after the walk cos I didn't really like living there..... in a shed.

I showed Abi and Jack the house (shed) as we drove passed it. Abi blew a big raspberry and we all laughed! Jack said that even though he has lived in lots of houses and is still a 'rescue', it must be better than living in a shed or kennels and having to run after a fake hare twice a week.

I have just looked out of the window and it's snowing! I don't really like snow - too cold. Jack does and he is very excited. He's been out in it already - slip sliding all over the place - stupid mutt. Must remember to put my best limp on for walkies in the morning. Hopefully the two-leggers will take pity and leave me on the sofa.....

Hope you enjoyed the update, and I promise that, between the three of us, we will blog much more often.

Take care.

Rosie. X

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