Friday, 8 January 2010

It's freezing!

Helloooo! Abi here - and I'm cold!

It's freezing outside! I mean really, it's freezing. And the white stuff that arrived on Wednesday is still here.

I heard TJ say that it's the coldest it's been in the 'soft sarf' for 30 years. He said that in Yorkshire (where he comes from) the weather is like this most July's! He reckons that he doesn't know what all the fuss is about and that southerners are a 'bunch of haddocks'. I pointed out to Rosie and Jack that the correct collective noun for haddocks is in fact, a shoal. They told me to leave them alone. I mean honestly, I was only trying to educate them. Shan't bother from now on - luddites.

Jack the Longdog LOVES the snow. He's always outside playing in it. I did join in for a bit but my ears soon started to freeze and I feared they might snap off - so I went back inside and slept next to a radiator for 6 hours just to be on the safe side.

Rosie's not bothered with the snow. She has a touch of arthritis in her front right leg at the moment and says that the cold snow just agitates it. She does try to warm it up by peeing on it - the snow that is, not her leg!

TJ's kids arrived yesterday. So TJ is now really grumpy. Their school has been closed because of the snow. TJ was not impressed. He said 'Half an inch of wet snow and the bloody world stops! When I was a kid, we waded through 5 foot drifts to get to school, and that was proper Yorkshire snow. Not this dandruff stuff.'

'Kids today, they don't know their born' he said. What a stupid thing to say. Of course they do. He is truely an idiot.

Apparently, there is more snow on the way this weekend. The kids are very excited and I think TJ and SJ are too, although TJ would never admit it. Jack will be pleased, Rosie will be agitated and I will be cold.

One thing about the snow that I have noticed that I didn't know before - my pee is yellow! Is yours?

Bye for now.

Abi. X

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