Monday, 10 May 2010

The Scottish Highlands - Day 10 - Snow, Swallows and an Otter

Abi's turn again - today was just weird..... and not just because Gordon Brown resigned.

When we woke up it was snowing again. Snowing I ask you! In the middle of May! TJ got a message from a friend who lives in Scotland that said that we shouldn't be surprised and that summer here only lasts between the last day of July and the first day in August.

EB, DJ and Oscar came round in the morning. DJ was going to the dentist later. One of his teeth fell out last night and needed sticking in again. TJ told me that it was made of hard wood but I'm not so sure. SJ said that it was a crown. I thought a crown went on your head, not in it. Oh well.

Jack and Oscar had a fight! What a surprise. They can be a right pair of half-wits sometimes. Good job DJ was there to get in between them. They both looked suitably ashamed afterwoods, and so they should.

We all had lunch and then DJ went off to the dentist to have his tooth soldered back in. TJ said that the dentist would have to were a soldering mask to stop the sparks setting fire to his hair. I'm never going to the dentist.

We went for a walk down by the river in Carrbridge. It bloody snowed again! It was freezing. Then we saw Swallows flying by, and over the river. TJ said that they had probably just arrived from Africa, I bet they wish they hadn't bothered. SJ took some ace piccies. She takes fab pics, you should see her website

Then it was off down to Loch Morlich for a run around with Oscar. On the walk down there we saw the most amazing thing - a huge Otter! He was just running around on the woodland floor. Even Jack and Rosie were amazed. So amazed their chase instinct didn't kick in and they just stood there and stared at it, as did the rest of us. SJ got some top pics before he slipped back in the river.

We reached the lock. Rosie, Jack and Oscar had a great time chasing sticks and each other. Jack rolled around in the sand like a loon. And then it was back to the car.

It was snowing again by this point, so TJ decided to drive to the base ski station on Cairngorm. When we got there it was a blizzard, I kid you not. SJ has got the pics to prove it.

TJ got out of the car. Jack said that if he tried to get him out he would bite his goolies off! TJ got back in the car.

It was snowing all the way back to the cottage. Then it stopped and the sun came out! You couldn't make it up.

We all had dinner - with tuna in it - yum. And then Jack spent the rest of the evening trying to get sand out each of his orifaces. Nice. Not.

Abi. X.

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