Monday, 10 May 2010

The Scottish Highlands - Day 9 - Six Miles

Jacky Boy here, hello everyone.

Today we went for a really nice, very long, walk in Glenmore forest. We loved it.

To start we walked by a river, TJ kept stopping and producing yawn facts about lichen, woodland flowers and Scottish pine trees. He never seems to realise that SJ isn't listening.

Then we arrived at a track and we followed it up through the forest and out in to the hills. Eventually we arrived at an amazing loch. The water in it was green! Hence it's name - 'The Green Loch' - thanks TJ but we worked that one out for ourselves.

There was something tranquil and mystical about the place. We passed a chap that was telling his very small daughter that this was the loch where fairies come to wash their clothes.

We walked on a bit and low and behold! There was Julian Clary washing his smalls by the loch side! Ha ha!

We walked back and through a different part of the forest, ignoring TJ's droning about 300 year old trees, old fords and mountain streams.

Eventually we arrived at Loch Morlich where I was let off the lead. TJ threw sticks in to the loch for me to chase - Rosie joined in - we had such good fun. I loved every minute.

When we got back to the cottage we were all very tired.

TJ watched some football on the telly whilst we snoozed. Some team called Chelsea were playing a team called Wigwam apparently. What an odd name.

Jack. X.

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