Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Scottish Highlands - Day 12 - Three deer

Jack the lad with the latest news.....

It didn't snow today, what a bonus. But looking up at the mountains, it was pretty clear that it had snowed up there during the night. So TJ decides that's where we're going. I don't know why, you will have to ask him. His decision making is odd to say the least. We all feel sorry for the people that work with him.

So off we went up the mountain. On the way up we saw two huge Red deer. SJ tried to get some pics but the deer were too clever by half and kept hiding behind trees.

We got up to the base ski station and guess what. It was snowy and cold. Thanks for nothing TJ. He seemed pleased with himself. God knows why.

And then we came back down again. Great use of time.

We went for a walk down to Loch Morlich. No otter this time but we did see Roe deer. Abi spotted them first. We rooed, yelped, barked and growled but the two-leggers refused to let us off the lead. Yah boo sucks to them I say.

Me and Rosie had a great time playing in the Loch. I love chasing sticks - I don't know why though.....

We then went back up the mountain but stopped at a car park half way up. SJ got out, went off for half an hour and then came back. She had been to see the Reindeer herd. She got some nice pics of two mums with their baby reindeer. I reckons they look more like cows.

So three types of deer in one day and we didn't get to eat any of them.

Jack. X.

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