Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Scottish Highlands - Day 13 - Alt Mor

Abi here. The gorgeous black greyhound. Mwah!

Well today TJ finally lost the plot. The weather was cold and windy.

"I know what we'll do, we'll go and see the Reindeer herd." he said.

Me, Rosie and Jack just looked at each other.We should have bitten his legs off.

The Reindeer are on Alt Mor. Alt Mor is halfway up the Cairngorm. The Cairngorm is a long way up in the air.

Oscar came too.

It was crap. It was too cold and too windy. And TJ just kept going and going. Up and up. And did we see Santa's bloody sleigh pullers. Did we b*****ks. TJ just kept grinning.

"Aye, bloody lovely up 'ere." he said. No it wasn't.

"You can see for miles.". No you couldn't.

"Makes you feel good to be alive!". No it didn't.

TJ - you are a gitface. And you need your bumps felt.

In the afternoon we went for a much more agreeable walk by the river Spey. It was SJ's idea. She is normal.

Abi. X.

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