Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Scottish Highlands - Day 7 - Ospreys

Hello all, Abi here with latest blog.

The day started with a lovely long morning walk with TJ. We met some lovely people on the far side of the loch who fussed us for at least 10 minutes whilst TJ bored them stupid on a number of subjects including yesterday's erection (!!).

In the afternoon we went for a walk down by the four secret  Uath Lochs of Inshriach. It was absolutely beautiful. TJ kept babbling on about the fact that the lochs actually used to be one big loch and that it was a bloody kettle hole. Rosie peed on his boots but he didn't notice.

We climbed up to the Farleitter Crag - a huge boulder (technically an 'erractic' according to TJ - yawn) - that had been carried by a glacier and dumped on top of the hill. It was a long way up, but worth it for the stunning views of the lochs.

On the way back, we stopped by Loch Insh. There is an island in the loch covered in woodland including tall pines. At the top of one of the pines there is an Osprey nest.

And in the nest is a sitting female Osprey. The male was perched near by, standing guard. And then it took off - truely a magnificent sight as it swooped down towards the loch looking for a fish to catch. It's seven foot wingspan has to be seen to believed. Sadly, he didn't catch a fish and then returned to the nest.

We also saw three Goldeneye ducks on the loch. These are rare birds with only 200 breeding pairs in the UK - all here in the Highlands.

SJ took some lovely pictures and then we made our way back to the cottage.

We had mince in our dinner and then a good sleep. All the fresh air makes us very tired.

Abi. X.

ps. Rosie has just told me that there was an election yesterday, not an erection. Oops!

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